Hello, World. :)

Welcome to Anthony Vranic's homepage! I'm an independent software developer with a bit of a photography habit. One of these days I'll fill this website out, but if that happens, you'll know I've had some down-time and you need to hire me.

Until then, you'll find me busy developing software solutions for a number of clients, mostly in the Toronto area. I also teach a number of software development courses and offer custom mentoring, something I enjoy and did full-time for about eight years, prior to spending three-and-a-half years at Microsoft Canada as a .NET Developer Evangelist.

I continue to work almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies, after 'converting' in the mid-90's. Back then I worked mostly in C++, COM/ATL, Java, and MFC/Win32, although I was a very early convert to .NET, and I haven't looked back since. (Prior lives were spent in Unix, Mac, and real-time telephone switches, using Prolog, Smalltalk, PROTEL, and other languages I've largely forgotten.) My fingers output C# these days (and VB by customer request), and I'm an enthusiastic proponent of agile methods.

Drop me a line, tell me you're bored with this site, and that I need to spruce it up.  You can reach me at anthony AT vranic DOT ca.

Happy coding!


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